Lo Castro srl - top-quality in hydraulics services

For over 35 years Lo Castro srl has been a firm selling and servicing hydraulics systems, having also been active in the field of industrial mechanics.

We offer our clients what follows:

We work on the whole range of hydraulics components of all brands thanks to our long-standing experience and deep knowledge of the market developed by our team of technicians.

Lo Castro srl has been one of the first firms in Italy offering a complete service of analysis and flushing of oils (hydraulics, lubricating and diathermic).

We are provided with several units for decontaminating solid, liquid (water especially) and gassy impurities; in order to detect them we use cutting-edge electronic particle analyzers, micrometric membrane analysis kits to examine the contaminants under the microscope, and kits to identify and quantify the amount of water in the oil.

In our repair shop we carry out grinding and lapping of surfaces, on behalf of a third party; moreover we are provided with a mobile repair shop.

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