Oil analysis and flushing

Why are oil cleaning and system flushing important?

  • Clean oil makes the system work properly
  • A system which works properly doesn't break down and doesn't stop
  • A system which doesn't stop is a productive one!

Remember more than 70% of failure in an hydraulic system and its components is due to oil impurities: people likes us who daily service oil pressure components know a lot about it!

This is the reason why Lo Castro srl oil service has risen

Oil service is a complete process which guarantees cleaning the system oil from solid, liquid (water especially) and gassy impurities.

From the analysis of how clean your oil is, we come up with a fit decontamination process in order to immediately solve the impurity issue, also suggesting proper products and procedures in order to always make your system stay clean; without having to make it stop functioning unduly long.

The sole oil replacing is useless: after emptying the tank, at least 40% of the oil would leave its sediment inside the circuit, and the impurities would be pasted on the system components and pipes.

Flussatori Lo Castro

Only an accurate process of oil analysis and flushing can strike at the root of the problem, saving maintenance and production costs!

Prima decontaminazione Dopo decontaminazione
   before decontamination        after decontamination

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