Lo Castro srl was established in 2005 by Giuseppe Lo Castro and his son Marco Salvatore, inheriting “Lo Castro Giuseppe” firm, from which it gets the whole equipment, the staff and 35-year experience in the field of oil pressure and industrial mechanics.

The name Lo Castro has been active in the field of Catania and Sicilian mechanics for three generations now: grandfather Salvatore, excellent mechanic in the first half of 1900; his son Giuseppe, highly-qualified mechanic, many-sided and brilliant businessman, then to come to his grandson Marco. Since then enthusiasm and passion for mechanics have stayed unchanged.


Our clients are important Sicilian and Italian companies, as well as small and medium firms active in several fields.

Our reference fields are:

  • mechanical, petrochemical, nautical, metallurgical, plastic, automotive, food, energy companies and firms;
  • transport and lifting over ground and sea firms;
  • mechanics firms, repair and service shops.



Our values


Quality is not a meaningless word to us, but a real goal expressing itself in choosing top-quality products of the best brands. hydraulics components are assembled on expensive industrial machines, this is why we suggest our clients they should use top-quality pumps, hydraulics motors and accessories, in order to make their systems work properly and for a long time.


We commit ourselves to always find the best solutions for always making our clients satisfied.


We carry out repair in a short time and on time, in order to guarantee the efficiency of our clients systems.